What Makes a Good Chauffeur?

Portland Limousine ServiceHaving a bad chauffeur can ruin an entire limousine experience, and having a good one can make it much more enjoyable. So, how do you know if you have a good chauffeur?

The first way to tell if you have a good chauffeur is whether or not they show up on time to pick you up, and what the limousine looks like when they show up. If they are on time and the car looks pristine, then that chauffeur has officially made a good first impression.

After the first impression, it comes down to how courteously they greet you and how well dressed they are. If your limo driver is wearing a grease-stained white tank top and doesn’t even get out of the car when he/she picks you up, then chances are you’ve got yourself one of the bad apples.

A big part of a chauffeurs job involves driving, so it is ideal to have a chauffeur who knows his way around and can handle himself on the road. If your driver is constantly jamming on the brakes and muttering unspeakable obscenities under his breath, then you might want to abandon ship at the earliest stoplight.

Being a good chauffeur may seem like a pretty simple and straightforward task, but it takes a lot of different skills to be a good chauffeur. First of all, you have to drive a giant vehicle through traffic flawlessly, which is hard enough on its own without a party taking place in the backseat. At times you also have to be friendly and helpful to people who don’t return the favor.

Finding a dependable limo service you can trust with awesome and experienced chauffeurs can be difficult. JMI Limousine is a Portland limo service that hires and trains some of the friendliest and most intelligent chauffeurs around. If you want a quality limo experience, then give JMI a call.

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