Portland Party Buses and Portland Limousine

Warm weather tends to give people the inspiration to leave the house and do something fun. This can be especially true in Portland, where it rains so much we don’t even bother with umbrellas anymore. One major drag of trying to go out and enjoy the weather is dealing with traffic while trying to get to your destination. Having to be the driver during these fun outings can also put a damper on the fun for some individuals. A great way to alleviate these negative aspects of your trip is to hire a limo or party bus to take you to your destination.

Zebra Striped Limousine in Portland

Limos and party buses help you get the most enjoyment out of your trip while not interrupting the fun during travel. Travelling to your destination becomes just as fun and no one in your group gets excluded by being the driver. You also have you the ability to stock them with beverages of your choice to enjoy along the ride, including alcohol for guests of legal drinking age. Food and snacks can be brought as well so there will be no need to stop anywhere along the way. If you want a more relaxed trip to or from the destination, pop in a movie for everyone to enjoy or play some music to help everyone unwind and get the party started.

When choosing a company for you Portland Party Bus or Portland Limousine, be sure to research whether they are professional and reliable. Operating a limo or party bus requires more than just a driver’s license so be sure all their credentials are in order. JMI Limousine acts in accordance to all laws, licensing and insurance requirements. Contact us today to book your next limo or party bus!

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