How Limousines Are Made

Most people probably think that limousines are manufactured the same way that any other automobile is manufactured. In reality, limousines are almost always converted from normal cars on the assembly line.

The first step in limo production is stripping the inside of the car that will be converted. The stripped car is then placed on a set of rails that keep the front and back of the car aligned properly. The next step is to slice the car in half, usually by using some form of laser-guided cutting machine. Once the car is cut in half, they pull the back section of the car back. Engineers and mechanics then weld base sections to the front and back of the car, which extends it to the length of a limousine. They also have to extend the drive line and all of the electrical components to match up with the increased length. Next, they install the floor pan, or the floor, on the limo and also create pillars where the doors will go. A crucial step in creating a limo is adapting the braking, steering and suspension systems to support the added weight. If they didn’t modify the brakes on the limo, it would have a hard time stopping when the driver needed it to. The last step is to outfit the interior and exterior of the limo and send it to the paint shop, where the entire limo is painted with a uniform color.

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